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We all began our canicross journey for different reasons. If you would like to tell us about yours, get in touch! Here are just some of our members' stories.

Margaret running

This is to all putting off going to a club meet because you are worried about holding everyone up or have a reactive dog. That was me a year ago, never liked running and had a dog that would react to anything bigger than him. It's actually amazing I plucked up the courage to go but we did and have never looked back.


In the last year we have had the time of our lives, running at races around Scotland and last weekend down in Wales with a Team Scotland shirt on!! Yes, this sport really is for everyone as I still cannot run. My proudest moment though came recently after a race when another dog lunged for my boy and instead of him retaliating, he jumped out of the way, which really shows what this sport has done for us both.


So don't be shy and give it a go! You might just become hooked like us.


With love from,

Margaret & Asterix

A few words of encouragement to future canicrossers

Margaret & Asterix

Susan & Jack Dog.jpg

We stumbled across the Aberdeenshire Club on Facebook and having rescued Jack (the lovable English Pointer Rescue from Cyprus) a month previously, it sounded like a safe way for him to get more exercise while being on a lead and for me to improve my fitness. Prior to this I had seen a couple of acquaintances down south taking part in canicross but really that was the sum of my knowledge of this new and growing sport. I contacted the club and was delighted to find I could borrow equipment until I decided if it was a sport for us.


On our first night, Jack seemed to take to it like a duck to water and he hasn’t looked back since. We definitely joined purely to improve my fitness and some fun for Jack was a huge bonus. I didn’t imagine we would ever race, but with some encouraging words from some of the club regulars I agreed to give it a go. Fast forward a year, and we’ve raced in Wales, England and all across Scotland! A real highlight was being part of the Scottish Canix “Furnations” Team, retaining the trophy for a second year running in 2018!


Canicross Aberdeenshire is a club made up of exceptionally friendly people, always happy to help with advice and offer encouragement. Since joining in 2017, my dog is happier and fitter, I have lost weight and improved my running times, and best of all I’ve made a whole new group of friends. Don’t have any doubts, just do it!!

From Cyprus to Scotland: A Story of Success

Susan & Jack

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